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Join us in the Salt City…

Experience a mini-retreat in the heart of downtown Syracuse

Sometimes you can’t get away to that island, mountain or scenic location that helps you recharge for the busy-ness of life. Our mission is to help YOU find the tools to support health, wellness and rejuvenation in your own body and mind.

October 19, 2019
9:00a - 3:00p
201 E. Jefferson St. Syracuse, NY

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The part can never be well unless the whole is well.
— Plato


The Urban Reset Experience

Invest a few hours to slow down, participate in self-care and develop a set of lifestyle tools that will empower you to optimize your own health and well-being.

We’ve built a combination of yoga, educational presentations, workshops and thoughtful discussions into a day centered around you. Our goal is provide you with information, tools and experiences that will help you develop your own self-care routine as we move into the autumn season.

The day starts at 9:00a and we’ll wrap up at 3:00p.


Unpacking Your Mind

Because it can get crowded in there sometimes. Bret Johnson will start our day by sharing some simple tools and techniques to focus on what matters and let go of the things we can leave behind.


Rooftop Yoga

Ramp up your energy to meet the day with this class that will energize and challenge participants of all levels. Kathleen Frizzi will lead us through a movement sequence that will emphasize and nourish the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems using a series of twisting and heart opening poses .Bring your mat and a couple of comfortable layers. If weather has different plans, we’ll take the fun indoors.


Food as Medicine

Dr. Bethany Tennant will lead this presentation designed to understand nutrition as the way to optimize overall health, prevent illness and rejuvenate. Learn how to use food to nourish and support best health. Leave feeling empowered with cures from your own kitchen.

Lunch Break
provided by LoFo


Live Slow, Live Long

Bret Johnson will share the secrets learned from visiting some of the healthiest communities on the planet. Learn how certain cultures maintain lifestyles that promote longevity and well-being.


Plants as Medicine

Dr. Bethany Tennant will lead us in a botanical medicine workshop through an herbal tea tasting and blending experience. You will learn how different herbs benefit your health and take home your own, Sereni-tea blend.


Balanced Breathing

Kathleen Frizzi will guide us through a number of breathing exercises and techniques designed help manage the body’s response to stress. Through actively working with the breath, we can enter the holiday season with confidence and peace.


Your Hosts

We've assembled a team of health professionals who are excited to support every aspect of your well-being. From nourishing, to moving to self-awareness, our experts can provide help and guidance as you discover your path to optimized health. They have more than 50 years of combined experience in health and wellness.

Kathleen is a Movement Specialist who is certified in both Pilates and Yoga. She has a degree in Dance & Movement and has been teaching intelligent movement to people for the past 16 years. Her company, YogaSyracuse, serves students of yoga and Pilates throughout Central New York.

Dr. Bethany is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Portalnd, Oregon. Her company, Natural Sports Medicine, takes an integrative approach to health and uses food as medicine to treat and prevent illness.

Bret is the founder and principal of InDeed Wellness, a company that provides health awareness services to large employers and the public. His 20 years of experience in the wellness industry has provided a unique insight into how positive health behaviors take root.